I have been teaching students of all ages and skill levels since 2006 and am dedicated to helping every individual achieve their goals. Whether it is to learn the fundamentals or break out of a practicing rut, my lessons are prepared to meet the student's needs so that they can see improvement during every lesson.



"I am a physician in a well renowned hospital, so I work with excellent teachers and mentors daily. In terms of teaching skills, Kaz is top notch. He perfectly blends didactic lessons but identifies when its time to let go of the lesson and just have some fun. This unique mixture creates an outstanding learning environment. I am in my mid 30's and started guitar for the first time with Kaz, and I have noticed a tremendous improvement despite starting so late in life. I recommend him 1 million%!"
-Omar K.

"Kaz is an amazing teacher. Our 8-year-old is thriving with her lessons. He's super calm and keeps her focused on learning while allowing her to explore the music that interests her."
-Dan P.

"Kaz is very knowledgeable and very talented. He emphasizes the learning of rhythm and finds innovative ways to teach guitar."
-Mike F.

"Kaz was a great guitar teacher for my son. He was patient yet thorough and very encouraging. I would highly recommend him for anyone considering guitar lessons."
-Duncan K.

"Highly recommended. Kaz Araki is a masterful teacher. He has the ability to listen and understand where my son is in his learning curve and adjust his lessons to his skill level. If you are looking for a guitar teacher for yourself or your child, I'd say put your time and money into Kaz, you will feel it is one of your best investments ever."
-Bob C.

"Kaz is the best! He is patient, knowledgeable, and very professional."
-Jennifer L.

"Kaz is an excellent teacher - my children have learned to play the guitar and ukulele from him. They enjoy their classes and like learning from him."
-Kanika V.

"My experience has always been great and they put on such a nice show at the end of the year."
-Brooke B.

"Kaz teaches my son guitar and he is totally amazing. He is very easy to work with and is awesome with children. My son loves working with him and we may ask him to work with our younger son with lessons as well. My kids love him so much that they feel he's part of the family. We trully recommend Kaz to anyone looking to learn guitar."
-Perry L.

"My time during guitar practice was wonderful and I learned a great amount about not only guitar, but music in general. Very patient with students and very friendly."
-Zachary P.

"Kaz has been the most positive music teacher my 14 year-old son has seen over the years. We reintroduced guitar after a couple of years of stopping any instrument because my son had been extremely resistant but not only has Josh made tremendous improvement and enjoys playing the guitar, Kaz has also reintroduced him to the piano as well! Kaz is both cool and professional. He is as flexible as his schedule permits. He is serious yet fun. I strongly recommend him and yet still hope he will be available for Josh next year!"
-Sophie S.